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Meet the Members

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“I'm not the only guy anymore, but the girls keep me smiling!” 

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“Simply put, these ladies are my 2nd family. They are always supportive and dependable. I just love all of them!” 

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“The Flo-Town Wisdom Players presented me with the opportunity to do something I had not done before. It is an educational, humbling, fun, challenging, rewarding and exciting ride.”

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“My love for the spoken word, exciting challenges, and new adventures have all been encouraged by this group of remarkable older adults called The Flo-Town Wisdom Players.”

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“The Flo-Town Wisdom Players enable me to continue being a theatremaker at this stage of my life and I am truly grateful.”

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better known as

"The group is inspiring to me and I love working with them."

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Working with the group and participating in our experiences revitalized my dramatic abilities and skills. It reminds me of my past performances and stimulates my creative imagination.

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"Never dreaming I could ever function well enough to participate. Scared of failure I set me down and talked with myself and myself answered what have I got to lose!!!"
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I cooked my way into this group by happenstance, and although it's a lot of work, I have NO REGRETS...and LOTS of love for the Wisdom Players, and gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy being out of my comfort zone!!!



"I am honored and grateful to the Flo-Town Wisdom Players for the opportunity to        express myself through theatre.



“As one who has performed, enjoyed and supported the Arts throughout earlier stages of my life, being a member of this awesome Flo-Town Wisdom Players theatre company affords me the wonderful opportunity to continue doing something that I truly love.”



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