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About Us

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In September, 2017, I offered to teach a drama class at the Leatherman Senior Center in Florence, SC. To my surprise, several seniors who were interested in performing signed up for the class and thus began a drama club called The Leatherman Seasoned Players. I was overcome with joy and excitement – my dream of having a senior theatre group had come true! The Leatherman Seasoned Players quickly became a huge success!  We were on the cusp of developing a theatre experience for, by and about seniors that was nonexistent until now in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

So, we set out to establish a senior theatre company.  We changed the name to the Wisdom Players Senior Theatre Company with the aspiration of developing a company that promote social, cognitive, emotional and physical well-being of our older adult population.

We pride ourselves on bridging the intergenerational gap since our productions are
enjoyed by people of all ages. In fact, many of our volunteers are young people with
whom the members enjoy vibrant and healthy exchanges of experiences, knowledge
and wisdom.

Continue to follow us and keep up-to-date on The Wisdom Players Senior Theatre Company activities.

And by all means, get involved - be a sponsor, be a donor, be a volunteer, become a
member! “We are not finished yet and neither are you.” Ps. 92:14

Brenda Brown, Founder
and President/CEO


OUR MISSION: To enhance and enrich the quality of life for all, with emphasis on senior citizens. The group endeavors to expose the audience to a variety of lively performances and to tap into the hidden talents of the participants.

OUR PURPOSE: To motivate, encourage, uplift and educate people of all ages.

OUR MOTTO: "We are not finished yet and neither are you" Ps. 92:14

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